Offshore oil and gas fields are distributed across the world in depths varying from only a few meters to several 1000's of meters. Temperatures vary from sub-zero in the Arctic area to scorching hot in the Middle East region amongst others.

Transporting the oil or gas from the fields to onshore processing plants is a very crucial and demanding task.

The trend in the offshore industry goes towards longer pipelines with a higher media temperature and a lower pourpoint, i.e. the need for a very efficient and well documented insulation of the pipelines is becoming higher and higher.

Consequently, Elips Oil & Gas offers the traditional Pipe-In-Pipe as well as the unique SinglePipe solution and our manufacturing processes set the standard for thermally insulated pipelines used in the offshore industry.

Elips Oil & Gas designs, manufactures and supplies thermally insulated SinglePipe and Pipe-In-Pipe systems suitable for offshore pipeline design conditions.

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