Curved Pipe

Elips Oil & Gas provide pre-insulated curved pipes facilitating the design of the overall pipeline layout. The curved pipes may be manufactured as induction bends by a sub-contractor, prior to delivery at Elips for insulation.

For curved pipes with a larger bend radius (smaller bend angle) Elips also have the ability to bend pre-insulated pipes in our in-house pipe-bending machine, as a cold-bending process.


Curved pipes are curved pipe elements which are used instead of traditional bends. This results in system optimization and improved project economy.

Curved pipes can be used for all installation methods I-IV.


Curved pipes are divided into 2 dimensional ranges:

On-site curved pipes ø 26.9-88.9 mm (ø out. steel pipe)

Pipes in these dimensions are common straight pipes, which are bent on site with special tools.

No component No. of its own.

Machine curved pipes ø 114.3-609.6 mm (ø out. steel pipe)

Machine curved pipes are made by bending preinsulated pipes of 12 or 16 m in our specially designed production plant.

Machine curved pipes are available for a 25 bar operating pressure and 300 N/mm2 axial stress.


Curved pipes are made of materials according to standard material specification for straight pipes. However, the wall thickness of the steel pipes in the following dimensions are larger.

Steel pipe ø out. mm Wall thickness mm
508 7,1
559 7,1
610 8,8

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