Pre insulated Valves

Pre-insulated isolation valves can be installed at any point in the pre-insulated pipe system and are installed onsite when the pipe is laid. These valves withstand a working pressure of 25 bar.

Elips isolation valves are of the ball-valve type, consisting of an all-welded casing and a polished stainless steel ball fitted with spring-loaded Teflon seats (which make the valve watertight even at low pressures), or the butterfly-valve type, fitted with metal seats. All LOGSTOR isolation valves are maintenance-free.

  • Ball valves: Ø 26.9-508.0 mm
  • Ball valves with venting: Ø 114.3-323.9 mm
  • Butterfly valves: Ø 406.4-1219.0 mm

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