Pre-insulated pipe systems for the onshore Market

The following provides an overview of the service applications and advantages of pre-insulated pipeline systems for the onshore-based project application:


  • HT/HP Flowlines or transmission lines
  • Waxy crude oil / heavy fuel oil / hot bitumen / wet crude gas / condensate
  • Sulphur pipelines
  • MEG pipelines

System Advantages

  • A service life of minimum 30 years – and no maintenance required
  • High quality production according to EN 253
  • Above ground or buried system (easy design and installation)
  • Built-in leak detection system monitoring the integrity of your insulation system (optional)
  • Anti corrosion coating or cathodic protection system may be omitted (optional)
  • Built-in heat tracing system, e.g. skin effect heat tracing (optional)

Product Advantages

  • Pre-qualified, tested and documented products according to EN 253
  • Low U-values, i.e. 0.5 W/m2K (0,09 BTU/ft2hr°F) 
  • Media temperature range: -200° to +146° C (PU-system) or max. +250° C (combined mineral wool and PU system)
  • Waterproof, durable and UV resistant HDPE jacket
  • Computer controlled HDPE fusion welded field joint sleeves creating a reliable and complete water tight system

General Product Description

  • Dimensional range: OD 15 mm to 1,067 mm (1/2" to 42") media pipe
  • PUR cell structure: Minimum 88% closed cells
  • PUR density: 60 to 300 kg/m3 or solid polyurethane (1,130 kg/m3)
  • PUR l-value at 50°C: 0.026 to 0.180 W/mK
  • Pre-insulated pipe joints are supplied in fixed or random lengths of up to 16 mtr.

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