Surveillance system

Elips supplies built-in monitoring systems to detect the presence of any moisture in the insulation. The system consists of two sensor wires, embedded in the insulation around the service pipes and other components.

If the moisture content of the insulation changes, its electrical properties also change. Dependent on the quantity of moisture and its conductivity, the electrical resistance between wire and pipe falls. This is called "resistance surveillance".

Dry foam has a dielectric constant of 1, whereas water has a dielectric constant of 80. This means that the capacitor effect between wire and pipe undergoes significant and measurable changes if there is any moisture present in the insulation. This system is called "pulse surveillance". This kind of monitoring is independent of the resistance between wire and pipe. It is also independent of the conductivity of each particular kind of moisture.

The monitoring signal can be transmitted via one of the embedded wires, a separate underground cable, telephone networks, radio signals or combinations of these.

The Elips monitoring system means that any damage to the outer casing, service pipe or joints can be detected in good time - before any corrosion and other forms of deterioration appear on the service pipe.

Each Elips monitoring system can check the condition of up to 10 km of pre-insulated pipe.

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